Environmental Engineering Group

Publicaciones Year 2019

Munoz-Villamizar, Andres; Santos, Javier; Garcia-Sabater, Julio J.; Lleo, Alvaro; Grau, Paloma.        Green value stream mapping approach to improving productivity and environmental performance. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTIVITY AND PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT

Regmi, Pusker; Stewart, Heather; Amerlinck, Youri; Arnell, Magnus; Garcia, Pau Juan; Johnson, Bruce; Maere, Thomas; Miletic, Ivan; Miller, Mark; Rieger, Leiv; Samstag, Randal; Santoro, Domenico; Schraa, Oliver; Snowling, Spencer; Takacs, Imre; Torfs, Elena; van Loosdrecht, Mark C. M.; Vanrolleghem, Peter A.; Villez, Kris; Volcke, Eveline I. P.; Weijers, Stefan; Grau, Paloma; Jimenez, Jose; Rosso, Diego. The future of WRRF modelling - outlook and challenges. WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY

Lizarralde, I.; Fernandez-Arevalo, T.; Manas, A.; Ayesa, E.; Grau, P. Model-based opti mization of phosphorus management strategies in Sur WWTP, Madrid. WATER RESEARCH

Amaral, Andreia; Gillot, Sylvie; Garrido-Baserba, Manel; Filali, Ahlem; Karpinska, Anna M.; Plosz, Benedek G.; De Groot, Christopher; Bellandi, Giacomo; Nopens, Ingmar; Takacs, Imre; Lizarralde, Izaro; Jimenez, Jose A.; Fiat, Justine; Rieger, Leiv; Arnell, Magnus; Andersen, Mikkel; Jeppsson, Ulf; Rehman, Usman; Fayolle, Yannick; Amerlinck, Youri; Rosso, Diego. Modelling gas-liquid mass transfer in wastewater treatment: when current knowledge needs to encounter engineering practice and viceversa. WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY

Elduayen-Echave, B.; Lizarralde, I.; Larraona, G. S.; Ayesa, E.; Grau, P. A New Mass-Based Discretized Population Balance Model for Precipitation Processes: Application to Struvite Precipitation. WATER RESEARCH

Munoz-Villamizar, Andres; Santos, Javier; Grau, Paloma; Viles, Elisabeth. Trends and gaps for integrating lean and green management in the agri-food sector. BRITISH FOOD JOURNAL

Publicaciones Year 2018

Lizarralde, I.; Fernandez-Arevalo, T.; Beltran, S.; Ayesa, E.; Grau, P. Validation of a multi-phase plant-wide model for the description of the aeration process in a WWTP. WATER RESEARCH

Publicaciones Year 2017

Fernandez-Arevalo, T.; Lizarralde, I.; Fdz-Polanco, F.; Perez-Elvira, S. I.; Garrido, J. M.; Puig, S.; Poch, M.; Grau, P.; Ayesa, E. Quantitative assessment of energy and resource recovery in wastewater treatment plants based on plant-wide simulations. WATER RESEARCH

Fernandez-Arevalo, T.; Lizarralde, I.; Maiza, M.; Beltran, S.; Grau, P.; Ayesa, E. Diagnosis and optimization of WWTPs using the PWM library: full-scale experiences. WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY

Publicaciones Year 2015

Lizarralde, I.; Fernandez-Arevalo, T.; Brouckaert, C.; Vanrolleghem, P.; Ikumi, D. S.; Ekama, G. A.; Ayesa, E.; Grau, P. A new general methodology for incorporating physico-chemical transformations into multi-phase wastewater treatment process models. WATER RESEARCH

Publicaciones Year 2014

Fernandez-Arevalo, T.; Lizarralde, I.; Grau, P.; Ayesa, E. New systematic methodology for incorporating dynamic heat transfer modelling in multi-phase biochemical reactors. WATER RESEARCH

Albizuri, J.; Grau, P.; Christensson, M.; Larrea, L. Validating the Colloid model to optimise the design and operation of both moving-bed biofilm reactor and integrated fixed-film activated sludge systems. WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY