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Welcome to the site we’ve created so advisors and counselors can find out all they need to know about the University of Navarra. 

At the University of Navarra, we understand that we are successful only when students are able to do their very best. We need to ensure they enjoy what they are studying and find it motivating and challenging. They should feel they made the right choice about their university studies. This makes your work very important. 

This website provides full information on the tools available to you to carry out this mission to help young people become whoever they want to be.

Specific Activities for Counselors

Fly In

Special, three-day program to learn about the University of Navarra. 

Counselors and advisors receive an invitation from international admissions delegates to attend a three-day session to learn about the University. The goal is to help high school counselors with their orientation work, and provide them with information about the Spanish university system, the admissions process and the student experience at the University of Navarra. Counselors will get to know the Pamplona and San Sebastián campuses. 


Activities at high schools

Personalized interviews with high school counselors

Counselors can request an interview with the University delegate at their high school to learn more about the University, the admissions process, scholarships, housing, etc. 
Information sessions are also available for students. 


Private campus tour

Personalized tours of the Pamplona and San Sebastián campuses

It will be our pleasure to organize a private tour for you to see our campuses in Pamplona and/or San Sebastián.


Off-Campus meetings

Off-campus information session with counselors to provide information about the University

Information session or meeting with several counselors in different cities. Information is provided about the University, its academic programs, admissions process, scholarships, housing, etc.


Delegate map

The Admissions Office has more than 50 delegates all over the world. The team is prepared to help candidates choose the degree program that best adapts to their profile and works with them throughout the admissions and enrollment process.

Virtual map

The University of Navarra has received the Green Flag Award, which recognizes well-managed parks and green spaces. It was the first university campus in Spain to receive this quality certification. Would you like to go on a virtual tour and take a closer look?