Core Curriculum in Other Universities

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The Core Curriculum can be taken the ordinary way (through lectures) or through the inter-college itinerary-Great Books Program at University of Navarra, with a methodology of lecture seminars and discussions of texts.

This second way is commonly used in other universities. The University of Navarra has taken the experience from universities that have long traditions of lecture seminars and discussion of texts, with excellent results. To achieve this, the University has joined the Association for Core Texts and Curriculum (ACTC), which unites more than one hundred academic centers of America, Europe and Asia, such as the Columbia University, the University of Notre Dame, Amsterdam University College, the University of Dallas and Yale University.

In addition, there are other universities that do not belong to the ACTC such as the Universidad de Los Andes in Chile, the  Universidad Panamericana in México, the ITAM in Mexico and a lot of European universities included in the European Liberal Arts Initiative that also teach Core Curriculum subjects in their grades.

Some videos from other universities about Core Curriculum and the Seminars of Great Texts

University of Chicago

Champlain College

University of Chicago

Concordia Univ. Irvine

University of N.Dame

University of Dallas