Content: Courses which invite questions about human existence, and offers an intellectual framework that facilitates the integration of diverse and specialized knowledge which you acquire throughout your degree. They can be courses of ethics, anthropology, art, history, theology, literature...


They are 18 credits of the following subjects:

  • First year: Anthropology (annual subject of 6 credits).
  • Second year: Ethics (annual subject of 6 credits).
  • Third and Fourth year: Cultural keys (6 credits) 2 subjects of 3 credits to be chosen from those offered in each student center.

Anthropology and Ethics are mandatory subjects and are taught in all degrees in first and second year, respectively.

The subjects of Cultural Keys are chosen from a wide selection, but students must take two of them, of three credits each, in order to complete the Core Curriculum of the students of the University of Navarra.