Students register for the Core Curriculum the same way as the rest of the courses in their degree program.

Any questions regarding enrollment may be directed to the Studies Coordinator of the center.


Enrollment Inter-College Itinerary

In some degree programs, students may take Core Curriculum subjects in the Inter-College Itinerary with groups formed by students of diverse Colleges and with a methodology based on the reading of great books. Students who prefer this method should enroll in the Inter-College group of the courses which appear in the self-enrollment form.

  • Enrollment Anthropology of the Inter-College itinerary (1st year): The first day of class the teacher will explain to the students the methodology of this itinerary, and those students who wish to take it, may request it through a form that will be provided by email after the class.
  • Enrollment Ethics of the Inter-College itinerary (2nd year): Students should enroll in the Inter-College group which appear in the ordinary self-enrollment form. 
  • Enrollment Cultural Keys interfaculty itinerary (3rd, 4th, 5th year): Students who have taken the Inter-College course during the second course, may request the reservation of the cultural keys of the Inter-College itinerary of the following course, through a form that will be provided the last week of class.

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