Student Council

The Student Council is made up of student representatives and assistant student representatives from the University's different Schools. It meets every two months (except during examination periods) to decide on the objectives set at the start of the academic year, and on suggestions submitted by students. Once the proposals have been assessed, it seeks a solution through the Office of the Vice President of Students.

The Student Council also forms part of the University of Navarra Board of Governors, where the students' interests are heard and addressed. The Board of Governors comprises the President, who presides over it, the Vice Presidents, the Deans or Directors of the Centers, the Administrator, the Bursar, two student representatives, and the General Secretary, who acts as secretary of the Board.

How and where. The office of the Student Council has dedicated opening hours for students. It is located in the Central Building, next to the Cultural Activities Office.

Its mission is:

  • To implement the objectives set at the start of the academic year.

  • To listen to queries, complaints and suggestions.

  • To investigate the matters that interest and concern students most.

  • To promote or channel socio-cultural project initiatives among students.

  • To represent all students in the University Board of Governors.

  • To organize activities for the entire University

  • To inform, help and collaborate with all students.


Student Council Room
Central Building
31080 Pamplona

+34 948 42 56 00

Student Representatives

Student representative of the University: Óscar Pau Vinaixa

Assistant student representative: María José Cabrera Pere

Student Representatives for the Schools:


Student representative: Antonio Rodríguez Macías

Assistant student representative: Maialen Ariz Saraskea


Student representative: Amaia Mendívil García

Assistant student representative: Carlos Vicente Cordero


Student representative: Irene de Ribot Iriso

Assistant student representative: Ramón Llorens Minquella


Student representative: Óscar Pau Vinaixa

Assistant student representative: Victor Javier Lana Arceiz

Canon Law

Student representative: Rodolfo José López

Assistant student representative: Carlos Jean Riquelme

Ecclesiastical Philosophy

Student representative: Gustavo Adolfo Romero Gómez

Assistant student representative: John Fredy Quintero Correa


Student representative: Pilar González-Villalobos Rincón

Assistant student representative: Laura García Reinoso

Education and Psycology

Student representative: Leyre Berisa Grande

Assistant student representative: Jordi Francesch Oliva


Student representative: CArlota Guibert Lacasa

Assistant student representative: Fernando Gárate Coro


Student representative: Javier Jaso Echeverría

Assistant student representative: Elisa Marcano Bethancourt

Humanities and Social Sciences

Student representative: Daniel San Juan de No

Assistant student representative: Teresa Reina Uribe

Engineering (Tecnun)

Student representative: Juan José Torres

Assistant student representative: María José Cabrera Pere


Student representative: Esperanza Villa Valentín-Fernández

Assistant student representative: Axel Extamania Zuñiga


Student representative: Sandra Rubio Bernabé

Assistant student representative: Josu Carte García


Student representative: María Claudia Arboleda

Assistant student representative: Jesús Humberto Pérez Girón