Since it was established in 1952, the University of Navarra has striven for academic and research excellence in order to better serve society.

In recent years, in recognition of its efforts, the University has received the highest award from the Regional Government of Navarre and has been declared a "Campus of International Excellence" by the Ministry of Education.

  • Campus of International Excellence

    In 2011, the University of Navarra received the Campus of International Excellence (CEI) distinction from the Ministry of Education for its project "Horizon 2015: Where Talent and Progress Meet." This distinction is awarded by the Ministry of Education.

    The project "Horizon 2015: Where Talent and Progress Meet" includes a number of initiatives aimed at enhancing research, improving teaching and boosting social engagement. The initiatives include the creation of four research centers, which will create about 400 jobs, and the Museum University of Navarra, designed by Rafael Moneo. The University is also working on a sustainable campus model with zero CO2 emissions and significant energy savings.

    The Horizon 2015 project was drawn up in 2009 when the institution applied for the first round of Campus of International Excellence awards. On that occasion, the University received the distinction of Campus Prometedor (a government program to reward the promise shown by Spanish universities), which provided an initial boost to all these projects. 

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  • Gold Medal from the Regional Government of Navarre

    On December 3, 1997, the Regional Government of Navarre awarded the University the Gold Medal of Navarre, its highest award.  Miguel Sanz, the President of the Regional Government of Navarre, presented the award to José María Bastero, the President of the University at the time.

    The Regional Government's decree stated that "The University of Navarra has been and continues to be a leading player in the scientific, cultural, social and economic development of Navarre and the region directly benefits from the research and technological advances made at the university's centers. The international prestige acquired by the University of Navarra has made Navarre increasingly well-known in world forums.

    "It is only right to recognize and acknowledge the remarkable fruits generated by St. Josemaría Escrivá's excellent decision to make Navarre the site of the University he founded to share with students from throughout  Spain and other countries an education based on Christian principles and aimed at service to society. We are particularly grateful for the universal dimension Navarre has acquired since the University was founded."

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