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ESTÁS VIENDO: Campus 26/09/2012

Centro de Investigación Médica Aplicada de la Universidad de Navarra

El CIMA aproxima la investigación básica a la aplicación clí­nica y colabora con la industria farmacéutica y biotecnológica en el desarrollo de productos para diagnóstico y tratamiento. Procura realizar un trabajo científico de calidad y servicio para combatir enfermedades que causan sufrimiento y aún no tienen curación. Equipos multidisciplinares de médicos, biólogos, bioquímicos, farmacéuticos, ingenieros, técnicos especialistas y otros profesionales trabajan en 4 áreas: Terapia Génica y Hepatología, Ciencias Cardiovasculares, Neurociencias y Oncología.

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680 _
health research projects
2.252 _
researchers across all campuses

"The University feels a special responsibility to be a driving force of development through initiatives like the new research centers in Nutrition and Bioengineering, the Institute of Tropical Health and the Institute of Culture and Society (ICS). Furthermore, the University's status as a center of excellence in research is a way to enhance its educational mission as a whole." 

Iciar AstiasaránVice President of Research

ESTÁS VIENDO: Campus 16/07/2012

Actividades Culturales

Muestra de algunas de las actividades culturales de la Universidad de Navarra realizadas en el curso 2010-2011.

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400 _
students, on average, participate in cultural activities on an ongoing basis
445 _
students participate in solidarity activities

"The four or five years a student spends at the university can't be limited to just studying or having a good time; it's about taking advantage of every opportunity to learn, cultivate yourself and grow inside. That's why I think no student should pass through this university without participating in at least one cultural activity per year." 

Marta RevueltaDirector of the Cultural Activities Office

ESTÁS VIENDO: Alumni 16/07/2012

El "Proyecto Horizonte 2015" de la Universidad de Navarra

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3 _
hours per week, at minimum, that professors dedicate to mentoring
49 _
full professors

"Along with teaching and research, personal mentoring forms a vital part of our work as professors. This task requires special commitment to students: they expect availability, interest and support in everything they need, along with good example." 

Juan Carlos Moleroprofessor in the School of Economics and Business Administration

ESTÁS VIENDO: Campus 24/03/2013

Testimonio de Miguel de Ariz sobre Feun de la Universidad de Navarra

Miguel de Áriz (Farmacia + Master en *D+I en Medicamentos] nos cuenta su visión del servicio de carreras profesionales de la Fundación Empresa Universidad de Navarra. Actualmente trabaja para los laboratorios Jansen.

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employment rate in 2011
2.393 _
employment opportunities facilitated in 2011

"I can only say that my Leonardo experience has been very positive. For that reason, I strongly recommend and encourage students and alumni to take advantage of the opportunity to do an internship abroad in their field, because it's something they will benefit from in the future."

Amelia Ochoarecipient of the first Excellence Award, 2012

ESTÁS VIENDO: Campus 16/07/2012

Alumnos de más de 70 países en la Universidad de Navarra

Vídeo de Relaciones Internacionales de la Universidad de Navarra sobre estudiantes extranjeros en el campus.

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314 _
partnership agreements with universities around the world
1.712 _
international students

"One feature I think is very important and particular to this University is its international profile, which means you share a classroom with students from different places in Spain and around the world. It's a privilege and a great opportunity to grow personally, and not just in the academic realm. 

Mónica FernándezLaw student

ESTÁS VIENDO: Campus 16/07/2012

Conoce la Universidad de Navarra

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+400 _
subjects on social responsibility
6.826 _
hours of training for professionals at the University

In their own words

"I was able to experience firsthand the affection our founder had for the University. He followed our steps very closely. He always supported and encouraged us. He had high hopes for what we were able to contribute to serving science, society and the Church through our work." 

Ismael Sánchez Bella, first President of the University of Navarra (1954-1960)