Nuestros miembros tienen ambición y son conscientes de que su futuro profesional ya ha empezado.

We look for engaged, proactive students that want to go above and beyond what is expected. We believe the University experience should not be isolated from the world of business if not integrated from the beginning. That is why we look for people with ambition that are aware that their professional future has begun and know how to take advantage of the opportunities that the club offers.

Not only that, most importantly the club is a place for different people to come together because of one thing: passion. Not only in the professional atmosphere of Marketing, but in any project that they endeavor. People that are firmly committed to what they want and are capable not only of starting new projects but also preserve current projects.

If you are interested in joining the club and feel that you are a good fit,, contact us through and we will let you know when the next selection process will take place.


Para cualquier duda, consulta o cualquier tema relacionado con el Club, escríbenos a