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As the material has ethical restrictions, it can only be managed by psychologists, speech therapists, pedagogues and psycho-pedagogues (see article 19 of the Psychologist Ethical Code).

Article 19. All types of strictly psychological material both in terms of assessment and intervention or treatment is reserved for the use of Psychologists who, in turn, will not make it available to other people without authorization. Psychologists will manage or, when appropriate, guarantee due custody of the psychology documents.

Traditionally, test administration and assessment is restricted to psychologists and the majority of national and international legislation regarding exercising Psychology follows this consideration. However, a classification has been produced to regulate this particular concept:

  • Level I (A) Tests: can be applied, corrected and administrated by non psychologist professionals after due training from a psychologist (educators, psycho-pedagogues, doctors, etc.), maybe the most obvious exponent of the Level I Tests are tests and exams to assess knowledge and tests used for selection and admission to educational institutions.

  • Level II (B) Tests: can be applied by non psychologist professionals although correction and interpretation should be performed by a psychologist such as children's drawings of the human figure or their family produced in their everyday school life.

  • Level III (C) Tests: should be exclusively administered, corrected and interpreted by a skilled psychologist; they are usually the most relevant and complex tests in their area and the most difficult to interpret and analyze.


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