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Expected results

This line is considered a central axis for the generation of basic knowledge for the orientation and development of the rest of the Center's lines. However, it is expected that the findings derived from this area allow the identification of Biomarkers of inflammation and aging, in addition to the characterization of new therapeutic/nutritional targets, which eventually allow the identification of compounds and moleculess that may be part of future food supplements (with activating effects on energy expenditure- reduction of white fat and activation of brown fat-, and regulators of lipid and glucose metabolism and intestinal absorption). These investigations will also allow the identification of new candidates as potential biomarkers for the diagnosis, prognosis and / or treatment of obesity and associated metabolic pathologies.



María Jesús Moreno Aliaga
Director of the Molecular Nutrition and Metabolism

General contact:
C/ Irunlarrea, 1
31008 Pamplona

+34 948 425600