Strategic Agreements with companies

APPLIED RESEARCH (PROGRAM-CONTRACTS): understood as major medium and long-term agreements with companies, in order to co-finance research that could be of interest to the company. Companies that sign these program-contracts, based on the conditions agreed upon, could be co-owners of part of the results, and in any case will be considered priority clients, which means that they will have preferential rights over:

  • Transferring the Centre's research results to their own research and development (R&D&I) lines

  • Providing services under agreement (R&D contracts, interventional nutrition services, etc.) described in item 3

  • Participating in EIBTs (technology-based companies) /spin-offs generated from the results of the Centre's own research or from the results of the "program-contracts".

With this kind of cooperation, the participating companies obtain interesting benefits.


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