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14.10.2020. Book launch: 'Symphonie of a life'

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30.03.2020. 'Christianity and Global Law'

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24.02.2020. Creation of the Chair

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Media coverage

01.06.2020. Rafael Domingo talks about the racial conflict in the USA (from 33:21)

COPE (La Linterna)

16.04.2020. El nuevo derecho global y el coronavirus

Diario Correo (Peru)


CNN en EspañolOp-eds by Rafael Domingo on CNN


CanopyOp-eds by Rafael Domingo on Canopy Forum


More op-eds

17.03.2020. Obituary:  Javier Hervada (1934-2020), bedrock of the modern Canon Law

La Vanguardia

18.12.2018. The first President's wager


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