Reyes Calderón
Professor of the School of Economics, University of Navarra

Reyes Calderón is Professor of Corporate Governance at Universidad de Navarra. After earning her BA degree in Economics and Business Administration (1984) and completing her posgraduate education in the doctoral program in Economics (1984-87) at Universidad de Valladolid, in 1991 she earned her PhD in Economics from the University of Navarra. After that, she obtained her PhD in Philosophy in 1997, also from the University of Navarra, The Public Management Leadership Program in 2012 and The Senior Management Program*(*PADE)  in 2013 both from IESE. Since 1987, she is Faculty member of the School of Economics and Business Administration at Universidad de Navarra.

Her research interests focus on the study of best practices in Corporate Governance and on the analysis of the anticorruption and transparency strategies. Around those topics, she has published four books and articles in journals such as Journal of Business Ethics. Between 2008 and 2014, she was the Dean of the School of Economics and Business Administration. Previously she was Associate Dean of the School and Associate Chair of the Humanism and Enterprise Institute.

Nowadays she is member of the International Advisory Committee of  Banco Popular (IBEX 35) and member of the International Advisory Committee of Corporate Excellence, Center for Reputation and Leadership.

She is also a reputed novelist.