Conference Highlights

* Last update: September 27, 2018 



15.30h. – 16.00h. REGISTRATION

16.00h. – 16.15h. WELCOME AND OVERVIEW Aula Magna - simultaneous translation

16.15h. – 16.45h. PLENARY SESSION (30’) Aula Magna - simultaneous translation

  • Introduction. Ángel J. Gómez Montoro, director Campus Madrid, University of Navarra

Presenter: Juan Manuel Mora, Vice-rector of Communication, University of Navarra

16.45h. – 18.00h. ROUND TABLE (1h15’) Aula Magna - simultaneous translation

  • Hear It from Those at the Top: Executives in Alumni Relations
    • Christine Fairchild, Alumni Director, Oxford University

    • Jacob Jensen, Senior Executive Oficer of Stakeholder Management Office,Technical University of Denmark 

Moderator: Javier Muñoz, Executive Director IESE Alumni and Institutional Development at IESE Business School

18.00h. – 18.30h. COFFEE BREAK

18.30h. – 19.30h. CONCURRENT WORKSHOPS (1h.)

  • The Alumni Experience Starts the First Day of School. Sami Benyahia, Director of Higher Education Research, Ipsos MORI

Moderator: Laura Venzal, University of Navarra

Aula 5 - simultaneous translation

  • Keep the Flame Lit: Engagement Strategies. Jacob Jensen, Senior Executive Officer, Denmark University

Moderator: Carolina Jiménez, Director of Education and Society at the British Council

Aula Magna - simultaneous translation

  • Communication Challenges with Alumni. Alberto Andreu, Associate Professor, University of Navarra

Moderator: Santiago Fernández-Gubieda, Director of Reputation unit, University of Navarra

Aula 6 - Spanish


9.00h. – 9.15h. WELCOME AND OVERVIEW Aula Magna

9.15h. – 9.45h. PLENARY SESSION (30’) Aula Magna - simultaneous translation

  • International Overview. Yashraj Jain, Research Manager CASE

Presenter: Pilar Lostao, Vice President for International Relations and Alumni Affairs, University of Navarra

10.00h. – 11.15h. ROUND TABLE (1h15’) Aula Magna - simultaneous translation

  • How Alumni Employability Affects University Rankings

    • Petter Nylander, Universum

    • Ben Sowter, QS

    • Aitor Larrabe, Ferrovial

Moderator: Jan Sadlak, President of the Academic Ranking and Excellence Observatory (2016-2018)

11.15h. – 11.45h. COFFEE BREAK

11.45h. – 12.45h. CONCURRENT WORKSHOPS (1h.)

  • Being useful and meaningful through the continuous training. Marisa Bombardó, IESE

Moderator: Mercedes Castelló, Director of Communication and Institutional Relations of Campus Madrid, University of Navarra

Aula 5 - simultaneous translation

  • The labor market impact: How companies work with Alumni? Tracey Pavlishin, AT Kearney

Moderator: Cristina Fernandez Saldaña, Director of Development of ISEM Fashion Business School, University of Navarra

Aula Magna - simultaneous translation

  • Reaching Alums in the Digital Landscape. Ignacio Bernal Echeverría, Head of Global Technology at BBVA

Moderator: Delia Echarte, Deputy Director of IT Services and Associate CIO, University of Navarra


Aula 6 - Spanish


12.45h. – 14.00h. LUNCH

14:00h. - 14:30h. PLENARY SESSION (30’) - Aula MagnaAula Magna - simultaneous translation

  • Alumni as strategic assets for Universities’ Reputation. Franz Heukamp, General Manager, IESE Business School

Moderator: Teresa Sábada, General Director at ISEM Fashion Business School

14.45h. – 16.00h. ROUND TABLE (1h.15’) Aula Magna - simultaneous translation

  • Alumni Giving: Not Just Money, and not Just for the University

    • Ricardo Martí Fluxa, President of the Royal Board of Trustees of the Reina Sofía National Art Center Museum

    • Victor Allende, Caixabank

    • Gisela Padula, University of Navarra

Moderator:  Jaime García del Barrio, General Director at Museum University of Navarra and ICS Director

16.00h. – 16.30h. COFFEE BREAK

16.30h. – 17.30h. CONCURRENT WORKSHOPS (1h.)

  • Managing Volunteers and Alumni Oversea. Wim den Tuinder, Director Alumni International Network, IESE Business School

Moderator: Sergi Molas, Alumni Director, University of Navarra

Aula 5- simultaneous translation

  • Fundraising, Friend-raising. Begoña de Ros, Director of Development, IESE Business School

Moderator: Javier Casanova, Development Director and Director of the Rector's Cabinet, University of Navarra

Aula 6- Spanish

  • Key Principles for an Effective Alumni Office. Christine Fairchild, Director or Alumni Relations, University of Oxford

Moderator: Cristhian Mestre, Development Director of ISSA School of Management Assistants, University of Navarra


Aula Magna - simultaneous translation


17.30h – 18.15h. CONFERENCE CONCLUSIONS Aula Magna - simultaneous translation

  • Ángel Gómez Montoro, University of Navarra

  • Ángel Alloza, Corporate Excellence

  • Mark Sudbury, World 100 Reputation Network

Moderator: Concepción Naval, Dean of the Faculty of Education and Psychology, University of Navarra



09.30h. – 10.45h. KEYNOTE PRESENTATION 1 (1h.15’) Aula Magna - simultaneous translation

  • The rise of social and environmental responsibility

    • José María Sanz, Adjunt Vice-President of CRUE

    • María Iraburu, Vice-President of Faculty Affairs, University of Navarra

Moderator: Mercedes Esteban, Director of the Institute of Educational and Social Studies

10.45h. – 11.15h. COFFEE BREAK

11.15h. – 12.30h. KEYNOTE PRESENTATION 2 (1h 15’) Aula Magna - simultaneous translation

  • The future of the University: research, innovation and enterprise network

    • Tan Eng Chye, President of the National University of Singapore

    • Bert van der Zwaan, President of League of European Research Universities (2016-2018)

Moderator: Pilar Lostao, Vice President for International Relations and Alumni Affairs, Universidad of Navarra