Gilles Lipovetsky
filósofo y escritor

  • Philosophy professor (who has passed the aggregation- a French competitive for civil service in the public education system) 1970

  • Chevalier of the Legion of Honor: 2003

  • Honorary Doctorate from the university of Sherbrooke (Canada): 2001

  • Honorary Doctorate from the New University Bulgaria of Sofia (Bulgaria): 2005

  • Honorary Doctorate from the University of Averio (Portugal): 2013

  • Honorary Doctorate from the University of Vera Cruz (Mexico): 2015

  • Honorary Doctorate from the Autonomous University of the Caribbean Barranquilla (Colombia): 2015

  • Honorary Doctorate from the Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil): 2015


  • Commissioner of the exhibition « Global Screen” at the CCCB (Barcelona) in 2012

  • Member of honor of the European Council of the Honoris Causa doctors, 2017.


Publication list:

  • The era of void (1983)- Gallimard

  • The empire of fashion. Dressing modern democracy. (1987)- Gallimard

  • The Twilight of Duty (1992)- Gallimard

  • The Third Woman (1997)- Gallimard

  • Metamorphosis of the liberal culture (2002) Liber (Canada)

  • The everlasting luxury (2003)- Gallimard

  • Hypermodern times (2004)- Gallimard

  • Contradictory happiness. Essay on the hyper consumption society (2006)- Gallimard

  • Societal disappointment (2006)- Textuel

  • Global screen (2007)- Seuil

  • Worldwide culture. Response to a disoriented society (2008)-Odile Jacob

  • Globalized West (2010)- Grasset

  • Aestheticization of the world. Living in the age of an artistic capitalism (2013)- Gallimard

  • From lightness (2015)- Grasset

  • Pleasing and touching. Essay on the seduction’s society (2017) The Montyon Prize of the French Academy

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