Saida García

Saida García
Stakeholder Senior Manager Corporate Excellence- Centre for Reputation Leadership

Degree in Communication Sciences from the University of the Americas in Puebla, Mexico and Doctor Cum Laude in Communication from the Complutense University of Madrid. In addition, Magister in Integral Communication from the Complutense University of Madrid, as well as an expert in Analysis and Management of Intangibles by the Intangible Analysis Institute. Specialized international training on the management of intangibles in which it is worth mentioning its certification as Global CCO; by ESADE Bussines School, Columbia University and Georgetown University, as well as its certification on the management of corporate reputation by the Reputation Institute, New York and its certification by the Corporate Reputation Center of the University of Oxford, UK.  In the professional field she has been coordinator of edition, diffusion and communication of the Honourable State Congress of Puebla, Mexico; ambassador and cultural representative of Mexico at Walt Disney World, Co., in Orlando, Florida; knowledge manager of the advertising agency JWT México. She was also part of the corporate reputation, image and social action team of the BBVA financial institution, and was coordinator of the upper intangible analysis and management program of the Intangibles Analysis Institute; she was also technical secretary of the association of the Corporate Reputation Forum and is currently a stakeholder engagement senior manager of the Corporate Excellence Foundation in Communication and Reputation (Corporate Excellence - Center for Reputation Leadership). Participates in some business and social initiatives in the field of management of intangibles such as: DIRSE (Association of Directors of Social Responsibility) and ACOP (Association of Political Communication), Chair of Business Ethics of the Pontifical University of Comillas. In addition, she participates as a professor and teaches reputation and intangible management in national and international universities such as: Universidad Complutense de Madrid, University of the Americas in Ecuador, Universidad de la Sabana, Colombia, University of Applied Sciences in Peru, Akali: University Postgraduate International of Mexico, School of Journalism and Communication of Editorial Unit in Spain and Toulouse Catholic University (ITC) in France.


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