Borrowing Items

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Who can borrow items?

University of Navarra users (students, teaching staff, researchers and employees), as well as visiting professors, alumni and members of institutions with which the University has agreements.


Icono préstamoHow many items can I borrow and for how long?

Each user category has different loan conditions. Find out how many books you can borrow and for how long here


Icono préstamo a domicilioHow and where can I borrow items?

If the book you wish to borrow is directly accessible, simply take it from the shelf and then head to the loan counter or a self-checkout machine.

If the book you wish to borrow is not directly accessible, you may request it through the catalogue by clicking on the Request button that appears on the screen of the corresponding record.



Icono reservasHow can I find out what items I have on loan?

In My account you can see the items you have on loan and the date they are due to be returned.


Icono reservasReserving books

When another person has the book you wish to borrow, you can reserve it. You will receive a notification when it becomes available.


Icono Préstamo InterbibliotecarioReturning books

Books that are borrowed must be returned to the information desk or to one of the return boxes.



Icono reservasRenewing loans

Books on loan may be renewed in My account, provided that they have not been reserved by another user. Find out about the conditions on here.



Icono Préstamo InterbibliotecarioPenalties

For undergraduate students, borrowing will be suspended for one day for every day an item is overdue. With respect to Master’s students, teaching staff, researchers and employees, borrowing will be suspended for one week for every 100 days an item is overdue.



Icono préstamo a domicilioLost books

Users who lose a book must report it at the Library’s Administrative Office (tel. 948 425 600 ext. 802400) so a new copy can be acquired.