Loans for temporary exhibitions

The Special Collections room collaborates with other institutions by lending its collections for exhibitions, as a way of making them more accessible to the public.

The Library has established a series of prerequisites in order to preserve and protect these collections, and applies the rules established by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the REBIUN guidelines.

In order to borrow materials, applicants must submit a request at least three months in advance, and one form must be completed for every piece requested. The loan will ultimately be authorized by the President, who will receive a prior technical report from the library.

For more information, please read the complete set of rules regarding the loan of materials for exhibitions. This document also contains the form that must be completed for every work requested..

Opening Hours

Special Collections Room

University of Navarre. Main Library, Seminar 4 D.
31009 Pamplona

948 425 600 (Ext. 802488)