What is the Library Newsletter?

This newsletter is a weekly information service prepared by the Library Services for academics, researchers, administrative staff and postgraduate students. This newsletter is based on a combination of the recently added books and journals and the Library Services blog.


What is in the  Library Newsletter?

  •  Updated Information about recent Library acquisitions in your area of expertise, with special emphasis on electronic resources

  •  Library Activities: training sessions, etc.

  •  Announcements and Suggestions.


What subject-based newsletters are available?

 The Library newsletter is distributed through 10 lists in the following fields:

  • Architecture.

  • Applied sciences.

  • Communication.

  • Law.

  • Business and Economics.

  • Education and Psychology.

  • Philosophy and Humanities (Library and Information Science,Philology, Philosophy, Geography, History and Art, Sociology).

  •  Experimental Sciences.

  •  Theology and Canon Law.


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