Intercambio de publicaciones

  1. Library Services is responsible for managing the exchange of University of Navarra publications for the purposes of increasing the bibliographic collection and ensuring that the University’s publications are available in other academic and scientific institutions.

  2. With respect to journals, each of the journals published by University of Navarra Press is responsible for carrying out and managing the exchange initiative. University of Navarra Press is responsible for notifying the Library Services Periodicals Department about the exchange, once the procedure has commenced and the exchange has been agreed on. Library Services will provide precise instructions regarding the procedures for sending incoming issues to the Library and filing complaints about delayed issues. As a general rule, each publication that carries out an exchange will appoint a person to be in charge of the relationship with the Library Services Periodicals Department, in agreement with that department..

  3. When an exchange initiative is initiated by an entity outside the University that contacts one of the Centers or journals, those responsible for the journal involved will decide whether or not it is interested. If it decides to go ahead, it will set up the exchange and notify the Library Services Periodicals Department before following the procedures indicated in 2) above.

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