Bachelors of arts: Bachelor of Education


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The Bachelor of Arts: Bachelor of Education program can be arranged so that it is taken over three years, with a total academic load of 180 ECTS credits (60 ECTS credits per academic year). However, students may organize their studies as they see fit. The University of Navarra has adapted its range of study programs to EHEA guidelines. Therefore, the first academic year of the Bachelor of Arts: Bachelor of Education consists of 60 ECTS credits.

We recommend that students take a major followed by a minor; however, some students will only take a major or a minor.

  • Programa Internacional

    Para aquellos alumnos que quieran realizar una estancia en el extranjero mientras cursan el Bachelor of arts: Bachelor of Education, se puede consultar el  Listado de acuerdos de intercambios que tiene la Facultad.

  • Credit Transfer

    Credits may be transferred as follows:

    • All University of Navarra subjects with an equivalent in the Bachelor of Arts: Bachelor of Education curriculum.

    • Up to 48 generic credits for University of Navarra subjects passed prior to admission to the Bachelor of Arts: Bachelor of Education that cannot be transferred for subjects in this curriculum. These generic credits will be considered to form part of the elective subjects.

    • Up to 72 credits for subjects taken at other universities and passed prior to admission to the Bachelor of Arts: Bachelor of Education, of which only 48 may be transferred as generic credits.

    • Up to 4 credits for seminars and academic meetings, provided that they are consistent with the area of specialization chosen by the student.

    • Up to 3 credits for internships, with the prior approval of the Program Coordinator. In order to transfer these credits, students must have carried out a professional activity relevant to their academic training in their chosen area of specialization. This must be supported by a statement from the company concerning the work carried out and an explanatory report written by the student.

    • Up to 6 credits for cultural, social, sports and student council activities, and those organized by halls of residence, as long as they fulfill the general rules established for these types of transfers for undergraduate students.

    • The maximum number of credits that may be transferred is 72, except for those stipulated in point 1.