Online orientation test

How to apply for the test

To take the online orientation test, you must first register on the myUNAV portal. After logging on, request the Orientation Test so we can contact you.


01 Aptitude test 


02 Professional interests


A test in which the student has to solve different problems relating to a specific ability in a set amount of time. The aptitudes measured are verbal, logical, numerical and spatial.


An open questionnaire in which the answers represent the degree to which each question asked may be an area of preference for the student.

03 CIP report


04 Personal interview


The report uses a single graphic to indicate the degree of fit between each person’s aptitudes and professional interests. This makes it possible to assess the interest in the different degree programs and the level of difficulty that the student may face.


Based on the results of the CIP report, the advisor may help high school students identify the degree program that best suits them, based on their interests and abilities.