Admission criteria, undergraduate degrees

Two key elements are taken into account when admission decisions are made:

  1. High school GPA

  2. Grade achieved in the admissions test for the specific School.

The weight of each element in the final result is as follows:

For the School of Medicine, the average grade of the penultimate high school year counts for 30%, while the admissions test grade counts for 70%. For the other schools, the average grade of the penultimate high school year counts for 60%, while the admissions test grade counts for 40%.

  • Admission decisions

    Admission decisions will be published on the Applicant Portal starting on the dates indicated below. These dates vary depending on the admission deadlines:

    • For those applying before the December deadline: as of January 15.

    • For those applying before the February deadline: as of March 8.

    • For those applying before the April deadline: as of May 29.

    • For those applying before the June deadline: as of June 29.

    • For those applying before the July deadline: as of July 31.

  • Presentation of formal requests

    Any appeals should be made in writing to the University's Admissions Service, addressed to the President, by means of a formal request trough the Applicant Portal.

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