Incentive Plan for Degree Programs

The Incentive Plan for Degree Programs is a system of special fees available to students who meet certain criteria and who have difficulty finding the money to pay for degree programs at the University of Navarra.


  • Family income per capita for 2017 below €20,000.

  • Students must apply for admission to the first year of one of the official degree programs taught at the University of Navarra in the 2019-2020 academic year. Students must have been registered in the final year of high school in the 2018-2019 academic year and must have obtained a GPA of at least 7 in the third year of high school.

  • When participation in the Incentive Plan has been confirmed, students will be informed of the registration fee for the 2019-2020 academic year.

  • In successive years, all ECTS credits for which the student has enrolled in the first and second sessions will be paid at the same rate as the year the student entered and adjusted by a percentage determined by the University that is similar to the consumer price index.

  • Subjects that are graded as “fail”, “absent” or “withdrawn from examination session” will be considered not to have been passed.

  • Repeat ECTS credits will be paid for by the student at the standard approved rate. Starting with the fifth examination session, the ECTS credit fee will include a 20% increase on the ordinary rate for that credit.

  • Registration must be for at least the number of ECTS credits established for the academic year in the curriculum in which the student has enrolled.

  • The registration fee may be paid by obtaining an honors distinction in the final year of high school or in the previous academic year.

  • The Incentive Plan cannot be combined with the large-family discount. If both forms of aid are applicable, the one most beneficial to the student will be chosen.

  • The Incentive Plan is compatible with Alumni Scholarships and Academic Excellence Loans.



Persons interested in taking part in the Incentive Plan must apply for a Cost and Scholarship Study via the myUNAV portal, accompanied by their application, before June 16, 2018.

The decision of the Cost and Scholarship Study, which provides access to the Incentive Plan, will be published under the same deadlines as the publication of admissions.

* Includes the International Foundation Program.

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