Academic records

Current and former University of Navarra students can request academic transcripts of their enrollment or the contents of their academic record. The University's Office of the Registrar issues these records for students in degree programs taught at the Pamplona Campus: official programs of study (diploma programs, undergraduate degrees, architecture and technical architecture, doctoral programs), and university-accredited qualifications (diplomas, master's programs and other university-accredited qualifications). For ecclesiastical studies, the administrative office of these Schools is in charge of issuing academic records. In the case of other programs of study (special programs and courses, congresses and workshops, etc.), records are issued by the organizing School or center.

  • Types of records

    • Transcript with grades: includes the academic results that appear in the record for the student’s degree program. It includes, as applicable, the date of completion of the degree program and the date the corresponding degree scroll was issued. It is also possible to include the GPA on the transcript (calculated in accordance with the provisions of RD 1044 of August 1, 2003), if desired. The transcript will list only the subjects whose results have been recorded by the Office of the Registrar, that is, only results that have been signed by the faculty member and submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

    • Certificate of enrollment: certifies that the student is enrolled in a particular academic year and includes the number of registered credits.

    • Certificate of completion: indicates the date of completion of the degree program and, as applicable, the date the corresponding degree scroll was issued.

    • Certificate to sit the entrance exams for the medical residency program (MIR), pharmacy residency program (FIR) or biology / biochemistry residency program (BIR): issued as indicated in the announcement of these exams.

  • Application

    Academic records can be requested by students in person at the University's Office of the Registrar, in the Central Building. Office hours are 09:30 to 17:00, Monday through Friday (in July and August, only at mornings). No documentation needs to be provided to request records.

    It is also possible to request records by sending an email to indicating:

    • the student's full name; a scanned copy of the student's National Identity Card or passport must be attached

    • type of records requested: grades, enrollment, MIR, etc.

    • if applicable, if you wish the record to be issued in English

    • the postal address where the record should be sent

    • mobile telephone number

    • complete 16-digit card number and expiration date of the Visa or MasterCard to which the fees may be charged

    • If payment is made via bank transfer, proof of a deposit into one of the accounts listed below must be included.

    This documentation may also be submitted via fax to (+34) 948 425 701, or by postal mail to: Office of the Registrar, University of Navarra Campus, 31009 Pamplona, Spain.

    A proxy may also be authorized to request records. In such a case, the student must provide a copy of his or her National Identity Card and sign a written statement indicating the name of the person he or she wishes to authorize to receive academic records.

  • Fees

    Academic records cost €25 (except for the certificate of enrollment, which costs €20).

  • Methods of payment

    If records are requested at the Office of the Registrar, they can be paid for in cash or via check, credit card or a bank transfer made in advance into the University of Navarra's account.

    If the request is made by email, the number of the credit card the fees should be charged to must be included; it is also possible to make payment via bank transfer, in which case proof of the deposit must be sent in.

    If the request is made via postal mail, a check, receipt for transfer into the University's account or proof of a postal money order must be included; payment may also be made via credit card, in which the cardholder must include written authorization indicating the type of card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.), the complete card number (16 digits) and the expiration date.

    If the request is made by fax, proof of advance payment (via bank transfer or postal money order), or a credit card authorization, must be included. In either case, transfers may be made into any of the University's accounts. One of the following can be used:

    • La Caixa 2100.9161.41.2200077798

    • Banco Vasconia 0095.4610.01.0600676978

    • Banco de Santander Central Hispano 0049.1821.00.2010571564

    • Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria 0182.5912.73.0000042715

  • Sending and receiving

    Academic records are issued in approximately two days. At the time of the request, the expected turnaround time will be indicated. Records can be picked up (by the student or a designated proxy) at the Office of the Registrar at the University campus, during normal opening hours (Monday to Friday, 9:30 to 17:00h.; in July and August, only at mornings).

    It is also possible to request that they be sent by mail, either to the student's address or another (e.g., a company or institution to which the records are to be submitted). This must be indicated when requesting the academic records. Shipping expenses are included in the price of the records; if the student requests shipping by another means of transport, he or she will be responsible for the costs.

  • Translation

    Records are drafted in Spanish; they can also be issued in English if this is specifically indicated at the time of the request. The University's Institute of Modern Languages translates documents into other languages. If desired, this service can be requested when ordering the certificate. The cost is €20 (certificate of enrollment or completion) or €30 (transcript with grades) and is paid for at the same time as the requested certificate.

  • Verifications

    The verification of studies and degrees obtained at the University of Navarra can be requested to

    It is always necessary to send the consent signed by the interested party.


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