University Residence Halls

University halls of residence are on-campus centers that provide students with housing and promote residents' cultural, professional and human education and direct their activities toward service to the university community and society.

They offer a university environment that is conducive to intense study, in an atmosphere of professionalism and fellowship, with individual attention to students and their specific needs.

They organize cultural, social and sporting activities that contribute to students' holistic education and are open to all, including non-residents. University residence hall life enriches students of all years, graduate students and students from very diverse backgrounds.

The monthly cost of a university hall of residence varies depending on the services it offers:

  • Male university halls of residence: €800 to €1,200.

  • Female university halls of residence: €700 to €1,200.

Much more than a place to stay

"The University of Navarra seeks to provide students with a stimulating environment that helps them grow and mature. The university halls of residence play a key role in achieving this with their educational activities and their determination to offer students an enlightened and hopeful community life."


President Sánchez-Tabernero

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