Methods of paying the registration fee

The University of Navarra allows families to pay tuition fees in various ways, so that they can choose the most convenient method.

  • Single payment

    Students who use this form of payment will have to pay the tuition fee corresponding to their chosen degree program at the time of enrollment, via direct debit, a check made out to the University of Navarra, a bank transfer or by credit card.

  • Payment by installments:

    Students will be able to use this payment method, which will allow them to divide their tuition fees into 10 equal monthly installments, by means of the financing formula agreed upon by the main banks and savings banks. Using this payment method, every 1,000 euros paid in installments results in a monthly payment of approximately 102.89 euros.


  • Payment by transfer

    If this form of payment is preferred, the fee can be paid into the following current accounts held by the University of Navarra:

    La Caixa


    Banco Popular


    Banco Santander 


    Caja Rural


    To complete the enrollment process, proof of the bank transfer carried out must be presented.

  • Academic excellence loans:

    Students choosing this option must indicate this when registering. The maximum amount that can be requested is 8,000 euros; the remainder must be paid using other methods, including installment payments. The academic excellence loan application will subsequently have to be submitted to the Student Aid Office within three days by filling in the application form and providing the supporting documentation.


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