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Discounts and subsidies

The discounts and subsidies that apply in specific situations must be accredited upon registering for classes by presenting the appropriate form:



Descuentos y bonificaciones para alumnos de Grado
  • Large families

    A photocopy of the large family certificate is required. It is necessary to have an up-to-date large family certificate or, in the case of international students, a document that proves such a situation.

    The discounts established for members of large families are calculated based on the number of family members registered simultaneously at the University of Navarra, and the position of each in the family group. In order to obtain the discounts, every member must be enrolled in at least 45 credits in undergraduate degree programs or 36 in official degree programs.

    These discounts are intended for students registered for undergraduate degrees and also for master’s degrees; Títulos propios and doctoral degrees are excluded.

    Scholarships of Spanish Public Organisms (Spanish and Bask Country Government) are compatible with large family discounts

    Special discounts if several members of a large family undertake their studies at the University of Navarra at the same time.

    The University of Navarra wishes to reward the loyalty of large families who invest their efforts in the future of their children. From next Academic Year 2019-2020 these discounts will also be applicable for family members studying a Máster’s Degree (parents included).

    Familias numerosas

  • Honors distinction in the last year of high school.

    A certificate that accredits this grade is required.

    This discount is only available for first-year tuition fees.

    The tuition fee discount is equal to a 16% reduction in the cost of ordinary tuition. These can be consulted in the table of tuition fees.

    A partir del curso 2018-2019, podrán ser acumulables las becas de matrícula (del Ministerio de Educación y Gobierno Vasco) con los descuentos de matrícula de honor en bachillerato.

  • Recipients of scholarships from the Ministry of Education or the Regional Government of the Basque Country

    The reduction applicable to the tuition will become effective after having received notification of the scholarship award, provided that the student has not received discounts that are greater than the cost of tuition in public universities.

    For more detailed information about these and other related issues, we recommend that you visit the academic information portal.



Descuentos y bonificaciones para estudiantes de Programas Máster
  • Large families

    Photocopy of title is required. You need to possess the title of numerous duly renewed or, in the case of international students, a document certifying that status family.

    Discounts for large families are 8% and 16% approximately for large families in general or particular category respectively.

    These bonuses are not cumulative tuition scholarship to the Ministry of Education, nor grants Convocation University of Navarra - Grupo Santander, and the Scholarship of Excellence, Faculty of Law.

  • Scholars of the Ministry of Education

    The bonus applies to the registration becomes effective after receiving notice of the award of grant, provided that it has been obtained over the public costs of education subsidies.

    For more complete information about these and related issues, we recommend you visit the page about Masters Programs

  • Discount for Alumni Association members

    University of Navarra and IESE Business School alumni are eligible for a discount of approximately 12% on their registration fee when they formalize enrollment in any of the master’s degree programs offered in Pamplona or Madrid*.

    • The discount for the Master’s Degree in Secondary School Teaching offered by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences is 15%.

    *Excluding IESE Business School programs.



These discounts may not be combined with each other, with any other discounts offered by the University of Navarra, or with University of Navarra - Santander Group scholarships, Excellence Scholarships offered by the School of Law or any other financial aid awarded by the University, unless expressly stated otherwise.

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