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Covid 19 health insurance

  • Is there any health insurance that covers the COVID-19?

    Yes, the University has negotiated with ACUNSA that during the 2020/2021 academic year the comfort policy for students can cover health care by COVID-19 at the University of Navarra Clinic.

    So this insurance covers both consultations and hospitalization for COVID-19 and also diagnostic tests (PCR, serology) when performed in the emergency room and with acute symptoms.

  • What is the cost of this insurance? Is it the same cost for national students and international students?

    The monthly cost is 60 euros (720 euros per year) for those under 30, and 78 euros per month (936 euros per year) for those over 30.

    Both national and international students have the same annual premium. Although in the case of national students they have to pay a co-payment of € 3 / € 6 depending on the query or diagnostic test.

  • Does the premium payment have to be paid at once?

    International students have to pay the annual premium at once, by credit card or bank transfer. On the other hand, national students can pay on a monthly basis only.

  • What is the coverage period?

    From the take out insurance until August 31, 2021.

  • What coverage does this insurance have?

    In addition to what was previously explained related to COVID-19, it also covers healthcare for other diseases. That is, medical consultations, day hospital and hospitalization. In addition, includes dental insurance, travel assistance insurance and repatriation insurance (this for international students).


  • I am an international student and to obtain the student visa they ask me for insurance, is this insurance valid for obtaining the visa?

    Yes, this insurance covers everything required to obtain a student visa.

  • Do you have any kind of deficiency? Do they include pre-stocks? Do you have a health copay?

    We answer point by point:

    1. The insurance does not have a deficiency, that is, it has immediate coverage from the moment of the take out.

    2. It does not include pre-existing conditions, that is, illnesses that are suffered before contracting the insurance, as well as ongoing pregnancies (at the time of the take out  it will be necessary to fill out a health questionnaire).

    3. For national students, this insurance has a co-payment of € 3 / € 6 depending on the medical consultation or diagnostic test.

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