Types of Housing

The University of Navarra Housing Office provides information on the different kinds of housing and advises students to help them find a place to live, not just a place to eat and sleep.

The task of the Housing Office is to point out the types of housing available and help all students find the option that best suits their profile. The goal is to help students achieve optimal academic performance and maximum personal development.

The options offered by the University of Navarra are all different. It is therefore important to choose wisely, since this choice will be crucial during the student's university career.


  • Choosing appropriate housing is just as important as choosing your degree program.

  • The process of choosing housing should be done in parallel with the University admissions process. That is, it is important to pay a visit early on, apply, and, if necessary, set up an interview, without waiting to hear back regarding your University admissions application.

  • It is advisable to apply to several centers, since places are limited in some of them and demand is very high.

  • First-year students are strongly advised to choose a university residence hall or a university club.

Housing Area

Campus Universitario
Universidad de Navarra
31009 Pamplona

+34 948 42 56 14 ext. 802974

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Information on scholarships that may be of interest to students, prospective students and alumni of the University.