Access for people over ages 25 and 45

People over 25 and 45 years old who want to study at the University of Navarra, but don't have a high school diploma, must pass the University Entrance Exam in order to apply for admission to an official degree program.

Application period and exam date

The period for submitting application forms: February 1-15, 2019.
Exam date: March 4, 2019.

See full text of the official announcements [DOC format 319 K]

Documentation required

The following documentation must be submitted along with the online application form between February 1 and 15 on this admissions website:

  • Photocopy of your National Identity Document.

  • A passport photo.

  • Proof of transfer of the amount of two hundred thirty-five euros (€235), to cover the registration fee, to the following bank account:

    • CaixaBank: ES92 2100 9161 47 2200152057

Please note: this fee will not be refunded even for candidates who cancel their application and do not attend the exam.

General test

First exercise: Students must choose one of the following two options:

  1. A text analysis

  2. Analysis of a general current affairs topic

Second exercise: Mandatory Spanish language test.

Third exercise: Foreign language test.

Specific test

  1. First exercise:

For the first exercise, students must choose one of the following two options:

The second exercise consists of a mandatory Spanish language test. | Contents | Exam form

  1. Personal interview

Finally, candidates will have a personal interview.


Elegir en qué Universidad quieres estudiar no es sencillo, por eso nos ponemos a tu disposición para resolverte todas las dudas que tengas. Queremos estar a tu lado a lo largo de todo el proceso. Cuenta con nosotros.

Universidad y discapacidad

La Unidad de Atención a las Personas con Discapacidad (UAPD) tiene como objetivo garantizar el acceso e inclusión en igualdad de condiciones de todos los estudiantes

Más información

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Information on scholarships that may be of interest to students, prospective students and alumni of the University.