Photos of the Event


"We have faced the pandemic with initiative and a sense of responsibility; we have rarely complained and innovated a great deal; we have overcome unforeseen difficulties by confronting it with creativity and teamwork; we have kept our priorities clear; we have worked with a sense of order and solidarious spirit; our responsiveness has earned this University the trust of many and their appreciation for our everyday work."

Alfonso Sánchez Tabernero




"Looking out onto all of you here today, still so young and brilliant, I can assume that we are all from the generation who began working during their adolescence. This act, much like our University, becomes more prestigious each year and it has become tradition, passed down from generation to generation, much like myself, a daughter of two former students."

Marta Ferrer Puga




"Hoy es un día para perdonar, para agradecer, para poner el corazón en lo  que hacemos. A partir de ahora regalaremos esas cualidades que hemos ganado y  adquirido trabajando en la Universidad. Hoy es un día para descubrir nuestro talento  oculto, ese que me sale espontáneamente, con el que disfruto y hago disfrutar a los  demás, y que es nuestro súper poder para disolver las quejas y dificultades".

Marta Ferrer Puga




/ Statements From Our Medalists 

“It is wonderful to be able to sh​are this moment and look back on our 25 years of work. This recognition for the time I’ve dedicated to the University brings me great satisfaction and joy.”

Diana Ansorena
Catedrática. Facultad de Farmacia y Nutrición

“I feel like we are like one big family. It’s what makes this University so special”

Javier Etayo
Bedel. Edificio Amigos

“It’s been a privilege to work here, I feel like I am part of something important. I like being at the University of Navarra and I think it is a moment of great pleasure to receive this Silver Medal”

Antonia Fortuño
Directora del Banco de Muestras Biológicas. Centro de Investigación, Cima

"The spirit of those who continue to work with the same level of professionalism, passion, and commitment. I believe that this is what really defines the work method at the University"

José Hermida
Vicedecano de Alumnos. Facultad de Medicina


"It is a challenge to continue working with the idea of having to serve, if we can be in the best place, go to the best place, but always doing it with the purpose of service. That’s whats the University is for”

Ana Rouzaut
Vicedecana de Alumnos. Facultad de Ciencias

"I don’t know how to express the spirit that is felt at this University. I’ve always tried to explain it to my son and now that he is a second year student he says to me ‘I know what you meant, mom"

Jaione García Martínez
Técnico, Anatomía Patológica. Clínica