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1. What are the origins of the University of Navarra?


The University of Navarra launched in Pamplona in 1952, promoted by St. Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, the founder of Opus Dei. This prelature of the Catholic Church aims to promote the search for the fullness of Christian life in work, family and daily activities. Since the University was founded, the teachings of St. Josemaría have inspired and opened horizons for the University's activities. The Chancellor of the University of Navarra is the Prelate of Opus Dei.

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2. What are the University's values?


Work, freedom, respect, interdisciplinarity, responsibility, spirit of service, international dimension. Because of their special role, the teachers and professionals that work at the University must stand out for their competence and the rectitude of their lives, fulfillment of their responsibilities, loyal collaboration with their colleagues and academic authorities and, in general, for their willingness to serve the other people in the university community.

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3. What is the Universidad de Navarra's mission statement?


The University of Navarra is based on a Christian ethos promoted by St. Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, the founder of Opus Dei. Its mission statement is to seek and present the truth; contribute to the academic, cultural and personal education of its students; promote academic research and healthcare activities; provide suitable opportunities for the development of its professors and employees; and carry out broad cultural outreach and social promotion work with a clear goal of service.  

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4. What is the University's Christian ethos?


The University's Christian ethos is embodied in its desire to be faithful to the Church and its Magisterium, reflection on its teachings, respect for Christian principles in research, promotion of the dignity and rights of individuals and the spirit of service it seeks to include in university activities.

Its Christian identity provides an integrative approach to academic work that encourages the teaching staff to promote scientific progress with both faith and reason, which together help push the boundaries of knowledge. Academic activity done with an open mind raises basic questions about human beings and the world.

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5. What are the Schools at the University of Navarra?

Pamplona Campus

School of Architecture

School of Sciences

School of Economics and Business Administration

School of Communication

School of Law

School of Canon Law

School of Nursing

School of Pharmacy

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

School of Medicine

School of Theology

School of Ecclesiastical Philosophy

San Sebastián Campus

School of Engineering (TECNUN)

ISSA School of Management Assistants

Madrid and Barcelona Campus

IESE Business School

ISEM Fashion Business School

Through IESE Business School, the University also has campuses in New York City (USA) and Munich (Germany).

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6. How many alumni does the University have?


In the 2011-2012 academic year, 151,600 University of Navarra alumni were living in more than 115 countries.

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7. What programs are offered at the University of Navarra?


The following was offered in the 2011-2012 academic year:

32 undergraduate degrees

11 double degrees

2 bilingual degrees

24 degrees with subjects in English

35 master's degrees

24 doctoral programs

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8. ¿Qué tengo que hacer para estudiar en la Universidad de Navarra?


Dependiendo de los estudios que a cursar, se seguirán unos procedimientos diferentes. El siguiente formulario guía al interesado para que pueda conocer todo lo que necesita saber para comenzar su andadura en la Universidad de Navarra. Formulario Proceso de Admisión

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9. ¿Cuánto cuesta estudiar en la Universidad de Navarra?


En la siguiente dirección hay una calculadora de matrícula. Calculadora de Gastos. No obstante, también hay numerosas becas y ayudas para que cualquier persona interesada en la Universidad pueda hacerlo. Becas y Ayudas.

Soy un alumno internacional, ¿puedo estudiar en la Universidad de Navarra?

Hay numerosos alumnos extranjeros estudiando en nuestros Grados, Másteres, Títulos Propios y Doctorados. La información necesaria para los futuros alumnos internacionales se encuentra en la siguiente dirección: Guía para Internacionales.

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10. Tengo muchas dudas sobre el Proceso de Admisión de la Universidad de Navarra. ¿Dónde puedo informarme?


Puede visitar la página de dudas del Proceso de Admisión en el siguiente enlace. FAQs Admisión y Ayudas o bien puede ponerse en contacto con el Servicio de Admisión a través del formulario de Solicitud de Información o en las siguientes direcciones y teléfonos:


Campus Universidad de Navarra

31009 Pamplona



948 42 56 11 / 948 42 56 13

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