Welcome to the University!


As a new or visiting student, you probably have lots of questions about your new life in Pamplona or San Sebastian studying at the University of Navarra. Questions about academic issues, immigration, how to get a cell phone, how to sign up for a sports club, or even questions about the cultural aspects may come up.

The Welcome2 program is designed to answer all of those questions and show you how to make the most of this experience. This is a perfect way to ease your adjustment into life in a new country and a new university.

So get ready for an unforgettable experience!


Keys to adaptation





Keys to adaptation


Once you have got your legal situation sorted out you can focus on adapting to your new life at the University and Pamplona or San Sebastian. When we immerse ourselves in a new culture, we need to adapt to quite a few different things: how to get around, what to eat, and what to say.

Remember the keys to your success are focusing on 3 aspects: Observe, Reflect and Embrace the Space.


General information


We know that you might have lots of questions. This might be the first big move in your life. So for that we have put together a list of all of the specialized information you may need in the link below.

  International Student Center  

Exchange students


As a unique group on campus, you have some specific needs. Take a look at these contacts and information pages to help you with your questions:

> Your main academic university contact, we have your International Exchange Coordinator.

> To help guide you around the campus and Pamplona, we have the Buddy Program. This program is by students and for students to get to know the university and city in a personal peer to peer meeting.

> For immigration or non-academic information, make sure to contact the International Relations Office at visa@unav.es (immigration issues) and welcome@unav.es (all other issues)

> The online International Student Center is full of valuable information.



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