We offer different ways of financing your studies so that you can fulfill your dreams and study at the University of Navarra.


Payment methods


One-off payment

Students using this form of payment must pay the registration fees corresponding to their chosen degree program by direct debit, a check issued to the University of Navarra, bank transfer or credit card.

Payment by instalments

Students who opt for this method may pay their tuition fees in 10 equal monthly payments, using the financial formula applied by many banks.

Pago aplazado

Los alumnos pueden abonar la matrícula en cuatro plazos mediante tarjeta de crédito o domiciliación bancaria. Si ya hubieran abonado algo de la matrícula, el importe restante se divide en cuatro partes iguales. El sistema le recordará al propio alumno las fechas de pago.

En el caso de que haber obtenido una beca, debe indicar en el apartado Observaciones el importe y la entidad que la concede. El importe de la beca se aplazará hasta el momento en que la abone la entidad que la concede.

Bank Credit

The Financial Aid Office in Admissions has several loan and credit programs with banks offering special conditions to students of the University of Navarra.

The student should make contact with their chosen bank with regard to these plans so that they can obtain the loan in advance and pay the tuition on time at registration, as required.


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