The University of Navarra seeks to provide students with a stimulating environment that helps them grow and mature. Housing plays a key role in achieving this. All our campuses offer a wide range of possibilities from which students may choose.

What types of accommodation does the University offer?

Halls of residence and supervised apartments

These are university centers integrated into the University, providing accommodation for students and also cultural, professional and human formation for residents, encouraging them to the serve the university community and society.

External residences and other accommodation options

External residences and other accommodation options such as shared flats are external to the University and are governed by its own regulations.

How can I choose the accommodation that best suits my needs? Here are some tips:

Choosing appropriate housing is just as important as choosing your degree program.

It is advisable to visit the accommodatin in advance, apply and do an interview (if required) before your received the result of the application for admission to the University.

The choice of a Residence Hall or a supervised flat is highly recommended for first-year students.

  • It is advisable to apply for admission in several centers, because the places in some of them are limited and the demand is very high.