First axis
Transformative education


The fundamental objective is to ensure that undergraduate and graduate students have a profound educational and training experience. In addition to the necessary professional and scientific knowledge, another priority is for students to develop the qualities that make them responsible citizens, with a questioning outlook and capacity for critical thinking, an international perspective and an ability to see their work as a service to others and society.

  1. To this end, new measures to finance studies will be launched to provide greater access to the University. In addition, talent programs to attract and train outstanding students will be developed.

  2. Educational initiatives such as integrated curriculum and service-learning schemes will be promoted, as will personal, skills and competency development through the mentoring program.

  3. The University also aims to enhance the study programs it offers and its continuous professional development programs for graduates and other professionals. It is committed to developing a life-long learning program capable of meeting the ongoing educational and training needs of professional sectors in which the University carries out teaching and research activity.