An Infallible Tool for Calculating the Cost of Your Studies


The cost and scholarship calculator is the tool that will help you discover all the financing options available to you.


How much does a university degree cost? What is the registration fee? What scholarships are you eligible for? What family income requirements must be met in each case? Are there academic requirements to be eligible for the scholarship you want? You could go crazy trying to answer all these questions! What if we told you there was a single tool that can answer all these questions? “Each student is a different reality, a unique case.” That’s our approach! Because we do not want money to be a barrier.


How do we study each case? With the University of Navarra’s cost and scholarship calculator, a tool that can be used anonymously by the general public on the University website. Just fill in your details and you’ll receive an initial estimate of the amount of the registration fee, as well as all the scholarships and financial aid you are eligible for based on your situation. 


To obtain a binding result, you must first submit an official application for admission to the University of Navarra. Then we can perform our Cost and Scholarship Study to inform you of the definitive options available to you. Just request one on the myUNAV portal. It’s that easy! 


Remember that there are discounts for students from large families and those who earn an honors distinction in high school, as well as different financing formulas for your studies. Check all the information here!


We hope this post has helped you find out a little bit more about the processing of your enrollment at the University of Navarra and all the tools we use to do it! Stay tuned to our blog because we have more useful information to give you about your university experience.