Ignacio Ferrero Muñoz

Ignacio Ferrero MuñozIgnacio Ferrero is Professor of Business Ethics at the University of Navarra. He is a member of the Academy of Management and of the European Business Ethics Network (EBEN). He has been Visiting Scholar at Bentley University in 2010, 2011; at Harvard University 2011 and at NotreDame University (Mendoza College of Business) in 2012. He has published several books on the History of Economic Thought and articles on Business Ethics. He has published La mano invisible al descubierto. La economía de mercado (2006) and ¿Es útil la economía? Una mirada a los Premios Nobel (2007). His main research work on Milton Friedman's economic policy earned him the prize "Victor Mendoza" of the Instituto de Estudios Económicos (Spain) and the Extraordinary Doctoral Award.

He is currently working on the concept of virtue and common good in the firm; and on the leadership and innovation. He holds BS in Philosophy and in Business Administration (University of Navarra), and a PhD in Economics (University of Navarra).

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