Digital News Report 2014: España

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The Center for Internet Studies and Digital Life at the University of Navarra has worked as an academic partner with the organization of the Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2014 to bring you a 32-page country brief focusing on the Spanish market (PDF, 2,8 MB, en español), based on an online survey that gathered data from more than 2,000 individuals, which were weighted to be representative of age, gender, income and education groups, among other criteria.

Some of the main figures and charts show the uptake of social networks as a means for users to discover breaking stories and content that matters to them, the ways in which users participate in and around the news, and the formulas that make those willing to pay for access to journalism-based products and services actually spend their money, along with rankings of audience preferences regarding kinds of media and specific brands.

Where comparison is suitable, our brief draws on the results from the online survey conducted by YouGov –on behalf of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford and the rest of the academic and industrial partners– in all ten countries during late January and early February 2014, totaling almost 19,000 people. 


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