Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why study a Master of Social Science Research?

    The Master of Social Science Research provides the necessary expertise, both methodological and intellectual, to begin a research career in the social sciences. It also exposes students to the University of Navarra's doctoral program.

  • What are the Master of Social Science Research's professional prospects?

    This master is primarily aimed at students who want to do a doctoral thesis in the social sciences and eventually work as university-level professors or researchers.

  • How do students choose an advisor for their master's thesis?

    Students may request that a certain professor be their advisor, who then must be approved by the MSSR Board.

    If a student does not request a specific advisor, the Board will assign one according to their interests and field of study.

  • Is it possible to combine the master's program with other professional activities?

    The Master of Social Science Research requires a dedication of approximately 45 hours a week, making it difficult to combine with another professional activity. However, the time commitment is not uniform throughout, i.e., there are weeks with a higher workload than others and it may, therefore, be compatible with sporadic jobs that are not set on a fixed schedule.

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