Admissions profile

MSSR students come from undergraduate studies that, in one way or another, address the relationship between the individual, society and culture. The following contains a list of the bachelor's degrees that MSSR students typically attain before continuing their master's studies:

  • Undergraduate degree in philology or linguistics (regardless of the particular language or specialty)

  • Undergraduate degree in geography or geography and history

  • Undergraduate degree from the School of Communication (Journalism, Audiovisual Communication, Advertising and Public Relations)

  • Undergraduate degree in Law

  • Undergraduate degree in Political Science

  • Undergraduate degree in Education

  • Undergraduate degree in Psychology

  • Undergraduate degree in Social Work

  • Undergraduate degree in Sociology

  • Undergraduate degree in Nursing

Students must demonstrate a B2 English level (CEFR).

Es necesario que el alumno complete este formulario, antes de solicitar la admisión al Máster, y lo envíe por correo-e a

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