Academic advising

Students enrolled in the Master of Social Science Research will receive support and guidance through personalized academic advising.

Students can rely on the master's Academic Committee to resolve academic or administrative difficulties that may arise during the course of the program. In the first two weeks of the program, the Master's Committee assigns each student an advisor who will be responsible for directing their master's theses and advising them throughout the program.

Personalized academic advising aims to improve students' academic performance, facilitate their integration into university life and to contribute to each student's cultural, personal and professional development. Among other things, advisors counsel students on methodology, other types of formative activities that the University offers (social, cultural, athletic, etc.), and guides students regarding professional decision-making (PhD, job market, etc.).

Individualized student attention is very important to this program and defines the MSSR's structure and size, which will only admit the number of students that can be reasonably advised on an individual basis.

Students can also rely on guidance from the MSSR's Board of Directors at all times and on the continued support of the administration team responsible for the program's management. Their contact details will be given out at the beginning of the program.

  • Goals

    • To facilitate the integration of new students in the master

    • To increase professors' knowledge of students entering the program. Along these lines, all professors will be involved on an ongoing basis, starting with the admissions process. They will then indicate in May the research topics on which they can advise students and will also introduce themselves to students in the first quarter of the academic year.

    • To continually improve students' academic performance and their satisfaction with the program

  • To reach these goals, the program promises the following

    • Advising sessions on appropriate methodology for academic work

    • Advice and guidance for the realization of the master's thesis

    • Help and guidance for completing administrative processes

    • Information on the University of Navarra's facilities (courses, social, cultural and sports activities, etc.)

    • Emphasis on life-long learning

    • Transmission of university life, including an interest in culture, a spirit of initiative, drive to lead innovative research projects, etc.

    • Opportunities to develop oral and written communication skills

    • Guidance on deciding career options (doctoral and research path or other career track)

  • Advising for international students

    To support and guide MSSR international students, the University of Navarra offers an Office of International Attention under the direction of the International Relations Office. This office offers the following:

    • Guidance on how the University of Navarra's various services work

    • Extracurricular activities for international students

    • Information on how to process official documents (visas, recognition of degrees, health insurance, etc.)

    • Support for problems that may arise during their stay in Pamplona

    • Foreign students' welcome conference with a guided tour of the University and relevant information for their time at the University (hours, material, etc.).

Scholarships and grants

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