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Prospective students

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The Master's Degree in Screenplays for Film and Television (MGA) seeks students with a creative capacity and a passion for storytelling.

This postgraduate program is aimed primarily at graduates of Audiovisual Communication and other degree programs in the fields of audiovisual, literary and commercial creativity.

The following qualities are valued favorably for admission to the MGA:

  • An intellectual interest, which is necessary for assimilating and developing the skills and knowledge specific to the expertise of a screenwriter.

  • A humanistic spirit, a capacity for hard work, artistic sensitivity, a strategic vision, a critical spirit, teamwork skills, enthusiasm and initiative.

  • A passion for learning languages, a willingness to adapt to the changing environment of new technologies, and the capacity to forge relationships.

Proficiency in English and prior professional experience in the audiovisual communication industry will also be valued positively.



Students with

special needs


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