Professional Prospects

At the end of the training process for the Master's Degree in Architectural Design, students will have acquired an advanced level of knowledge for the conceptualization, planning, realization and management of spaces designed for human settlement. This means that graduates are capable of carrying out advanced strategic planning for project management and have an understanding of architectural projects as agents for collective discourse and social change. That is, MDA graduates have complete mastery of the phases of the architectural project, from project conceptualization through construction.

Achieving the objectives of the master's degree and acquiring the competences established in it allow graduates to join multidisciplinary work teams within the complex field of architectural design at public and private institutions and international organizations associated with the building, housing and planning sectors, as well as to practice the trade as independent professionals.

In addition, graduate students who fulfill the set requirements for admission into the doctoral program can pursue their studies within the Doctoral Degree in History and Critical Analysis of Twentieth-Century Spanish Architecture.


Encuentro MDA BAL 2014 / Cordoba