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948 Merkatua

En el marco de 948 Merkatua, mercado de las artes de Navarra, tendrá lugar un encuentro empresarial promovido por la Red Europea Enterprise Europe Network con el fin de establecer contactos estratégicos para la búsqueda de socios europeos.

Para poder participar del mismo es necesario inscribirse a través del siguiente enlace.
Inscripción antes del 11 de noviembre de 2017.

¡No faltes!


One of the key objectives of the Enterprise Europe Network is the organization of specialized training seminars on innovation and European issues to enhance the capabilities of companies.

This section contains documentation and information on the different events held, as well as those planned for the future.


  • Transfer session "From scientific knowledge to the market": Presentations.

  • Horizon 2020 Workshop: "Innovation for sustainable growth".

  • Patents in the pharmaceutical industry through case studies, presentations: Part 1 Part 2  Enterprise Europe Network.

  • Information session on Marie Curie Fellowships, University of Navarra.

  • Information session on the LIFE+ call for applications 2013: Presentations.

  • Course on the Justification and Management of European Projects.

  • Advanced workshop on Industrial and Intellectual Property.


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