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Pamplona: a unique journey

Pamplona is a hospitable and welcoming city with a wide range of leisure activities, shops and a fine dining tradition arising from the quality of Navarrese products. The city is located right in the heart of Navarre, so all of the region's charms are within easy reach.

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Get to know Pamplona

Music, exhibitions and shows; museums, three universities, historical heritage; a passion for sport, folklore and gastronomy; a green city that stands out above all for its human heritage. Pamplona has a great deal to offer.

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Get to know Spain

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Spain is a country full of possibilities due to its blend of history, culture and entertainment and its unique natural environment.

Before you arrive

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Find out what you'll need to bring to Pamplona to begin your studies and start your new life in the capital of Navarre.

Events in the city

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Shows, cinema, theater, wine tasting, dance, concerts, guided visits... Pamplona offers a wide range of cultural activities.

Useful telephone numbers

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Useful phone numbers for the city and the University

How to get here


Pamplona train station has connections with Alicante, Barcelona, Burgos, A Coruña, Irún, etc. More information


The bus station is located right in the center of the city. It has daily connections with Alicante, Andalusia, Barcelona, Bilbao, etc. More information


The city of Pamplona is well communicated by road, so one of the most commonly used modes of transport is the car. It is 407 km from Madrid and 484 km from Barcelona.


Pamplona Airport is located 6 km from the city, in Noáin, and has daily flights to Madrid and Barcelona. You can also reach Pamplona by road from Vitoria Airport or Bilbao Airport. More information

How to get around

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Pamplona's city buses are known as "Villavesas". There are different lines that run along the majority of the city's streets.


Taxis cannot be hailed in the street. You'll need to order one by phone or head to one of the taxi ranks that can be found throughout the city.



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