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10-12/10/2016  Prof. Álvarez, Navarro and Fernández have attended the 4th edition of the Historic Mortars Conference that took place at Santorini (Greece) in which they presented four oral presentations that have been published in as many chapters in the book of Proceedings edited by the team of Prof I. Papayianni. In the closing session of the Conference, Prof. Álvarez -on behalf of MIMED research group- received the formal invitation to organize the following edition of the Conference. Accordingly, the Univesity of Navarra will be the venue for the 5th edition of the Historic Mortars Conference, sometime in 2019.

23-25/05/2016 Prof. Álvarez has imparted an invited lecture at the V FICAL (Fórum Ibérico de la Cal) that took place at LNEC, Lisbon. He was commissioned to organize the VI edition of FICAL that will be held at the University of Navarra in 2018.

11/02/2016 The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness has released the list of research projects to be funded for the next three years under the 2015 call. The Project MAT2015-70728-P presented by MIMED entitled "Optimization of new repair lime mortars by combining admixtures and pozzolanic mineral additives" is among the selected ones.

13-16/10/2015Profs. Álvarez, Navarro and Fernández have attended the 14th International Congress on the Chemistry of Cement on 13-16 of October at Beijing. Prof. Álvarez delivered an oral presentation. Two other communications were also presented as posters.

David Ruiz, a senior student in Chemistry enrolled in the Research Training Program (RTP) under the supervision of Prof. Fernández, is doing a summer stay in the labs of Prof. McPhee at the University of Aberdeen, closely guided by Dr. A. Hakki


03/12/2014. Prof. Álvarez has delivered an invited speech at the XV International Scientific and Technical Conference "Modern Technologies of Dry Building Mixtures in Construction" on December 3rd in Moscow.    

 21/10/2014. The US Patent Office has issued the Patent No US 8,864,905 B2 in favor of Álvarez Galindo et al. of the University of Navarra.


 ANECA01/10/2014. ANECA has designated Prof. José Ignacio Álvarez as Coordinator of the Evaluation Committee in charge of the Civil Engineering and Architecture research Projects.

05/03/2014. The University of Navarra has signed a framework collaboration agreement with the IAPH (Andalusian Institute of Historical Heritage) in order to facilitate joint research projects between the MIMED group of the Department of Chemistry and Soil Sciences and the IAPH. Within that framework, an specific collaboration agreement has been reached for a project entitled "Lime as a sustainable material. Applications in conservation of cultural heritage".











30/11/2015 Prof. A. Durán has been an invited speaker in the 7th edition of the course: "Science & Past: Light-matter interactions in heritage studies" organized by the Environmental Sciences Institute -IUCA- of the University of Saragossa. He presented a four-hour lecture entitled "X-ray and X-ray fluorescence: Portable equipments. Comparisons with other apparatus and facilities. Examples of application". This course is within the frame of the 2015 International year of Light and Light-based technologies.

21/04/2015 MIMED has been present in the Seminar "Cómo reducir la contaminación del aire con la tecnología Light2CAT" organised by InnDEA Valencia on Tuesday, 21st April, within which Prof. Álvarez gave the lecture: "Cementos y morteros de diversas matrices conglomerantes con aditivos fotocatalíticos nanoestructurados: aplicaciones al Patrimonio Edificado". Profs Álvarez, Navarro and Fernández had the chance to meet Prof McPhee from the University of Aberdeen and discuss research topics on photocatalysis with him.

The Caja Navarra Foundation has funded (28,000 ;30/07/2014-30/07/2015) the Research Project PhotoN "New photo-catalytic materials for air pollution control and applications for the preservation of the Architectural Heritage of Navarre".

Prof. J.I. Álvarez has delivered an Invited Lecture entitled "Mortars in the Built Heritage" at the Summer School held in Seville from 14 to 18 July 2014 under the auspices of the Lifelong Learning Programme of EU.


Los alumnos de último curso de Grado con interés en realizar Tesis Doctoral en el futuro pueden contactar a través de mimed@unav.es