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Multimodal Pragmatics Lab

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Navarra Simulation Center

· Control room (B): controls both the assessment room and the computer room.
· Assessment room (C): allows the opportunity to recreate and record (4 cameras) several scenarios: formal interview, informal interview, group dynamics.
· One-way glass observation room (up to 25 people) (D).
· Computer room (24 seats) (E). 
· R300 thermographic camera.

Navarra Speech Lab

· Articulate Assistant™ Micro ultrasound system that allows to see tongue body and tongue tip movement.
· Motion caption camera to quantify lip movement during speech. This machine is housed in a GAES™ double attenuated sound proof booth with a professional microphone and audio recording equipment. 
· For perception experiments, the lab has EPrime, which allows us to carry up experiments in speech and audio-visual perception. 
· We also have access to aerodynamic equipment such as an electroglottograph and a phonotoray aerodynamic system to register intraoral air pressure and translingual airflow, as well as an electropalatograph to register tongue contact against the hard palate.


· Inés Olza
Investigadora principal
Universidad de Navarra
Teléfono: +34 948 425600Email: iolzamor@unav.es

· Laura Amigot
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Email: lamigot@ucm.es

· Elvira Manero
Universidad de Murcia
Email: emanero@um.es

· Carmela Pérez-Salazar
Universidad de Navarra
Email: cpsalazar@unav.es

· Javier Yániz
Universidad de Navarra
Email: jyaniz@alumni.unav.es

· Sofía Brotons
University of Navarra
Email: sbrotons@alumni.unav.es

· Mark Gibson
University of Navarra
Head, Navarra Speech Lab
Email: mgibson@unav.es

· Adriana Gordejuela
University of Navarra
Email: agordejuela@alumni.unav.es

· Anais Holgado-Lage
Princeton University
Email: anaish@princeton.edu

· Renia López-Ozieblo
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Email: renia.lopez@polyu.edu.hk

· Cristóbal Pagán
University of Murcia
Email: cpcanovas@um.es

· Malin Roitman
University of Stockholm
Email: Malin.Roitman@su.se

· Biagio Ursi
Aix-Marseille Université
Email: biagio.ursi@univ-amu.fr

· Javier Valenzuela
University of Murcia
Email: jvalen@um.es

· Daniel Alcaraz
Lancaster University / University of Murcia
Email: daniel.alcaraz.carrion@gmail.com